Connecting healthcare companies with consumers suffering from chronic conditions at their point of need.



Make the smart choice and keep your risk of type 2 diabetes under control through personalized solutions.


Know exactly how many calories you consume with a database with a more than 2,500,000 foods items and growing.


Get in shape and lose weight today by turning your iPhone into a personal trainer, without having to pay big bucks for an expert.


Challenge yourself and track how many steps you take without the need of any wearables.


Have the medical supplies and medications you need shipped to you on demand.


Health companies, join our eHealth ecosystem and provide your services/products to an already existing captive audience of health consumers.


Zeeshan Hayat

CEO & Co-Founder

Driven strategist and serial entrepreneur, with over 14 years experience in healthcare, media and technology. BIV top 40 Under Forty. 

Karina Hayat

President & Co-Founder

Marketing maven with over 14 years experience  in healthcare, media and technology. . BIV Top 40 Under Forty and Top 10 Canadian Female Entrepreneur W100. 

Nikhil Mathew (MBA)

Director of Operations

    Over 5 years of Technical and Operational Strategy expertise, Project Management, Product Development, and Financial Managemt

    Kadir Erturk (PhD)

    Lead Engineer

    Over 18 years of development and software engineering experience with an expertise in machine learning, neural networks and avid interest in artificial intelligence.  


      Improving the delivery of healthcare.

      Prizm Health believes in making health services more accessible, by connecting healthcare providers with the people who need them most.   Since 2001, Prizm Health has been accelerating the delivery of healthcare products and services by helping consumers suffering from chronic conditions connect with healthcare companies at their point of need.   From a proprietary Health, Fitness and Prescription on Demand mobile marketplace that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, to an expansive media reach; Prizm has developed the secret sauce needed for health care companies to reach an engaged consumer in a compliant, efficient and scalable manner. While transforming people's health outcomes and ultimately their quality of life through personalized intervention.

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      Business is a team sport.

      "Over the years Prizm has taken care of the important compliance challenges faced by the healthcare marketing industry through its technology and best marketing practices. They have generated millions of patient inquiries and leads, which have increased our sales and resulted in over 500% growth in our patient base since 2009."
      “After 3 babies, I had a lot of baby weight I wanted to lose and not a lot of free time. Keeping track of meals on Kudolife was easy, and I ended up losing 31 lbs in 4 months without changing too much.”
      "As a busy mom, my time is limited and getting my supplies and prescriptions on demand through the healthcare marketplace has helped me cut back on trips to the pharmacy, saved me money on prescriptions and gas. "


      Reach out to our team. We are eager to lean how we can improve,

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